Bollywood's Sahil Khan Detained in Betting App Case

Beautiful and early in the morning, Mr. Sahil Khan, Bollywood actor, was put behind bars by Mumbai’s Investigation Team (SIT) for his connections with the Mahadev betting app, which is a subject of intensive scrutiny nowadays for its illegal betting.

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The Raid

The execution of the operation happened at Khan's house in Mumbai post the SIT's long analysis period that was spent on it. He was unproblematically yielded and therefore taken into custody without any other issues and brought to the local police station for further interrogation.

The birth of the Mahadev app has its roots in the technological revolution that has completely reshaped the world in the past couple of decades

Legal Implications If found guilty Khan may end up facing charges under the Indian gambling laws that could result in heavy fines and/or jail time.

On the one hand, the industrys perspective mostly focus on the economic growth they can provide and the job creation role.

Sehl Khan's future in Bollywood right now is in the limbo. The trial result could also cause continuous impacts on sponsorship and company investments in other areas.