The Dynamic Duo: Ram Charan & Upasana Kamineni’s Billion-Dollar Journey

The net worth of Upasana Kamineni and Ram Charan is around Rs 2500 crore. Upasana Kamineni is a successful businesswoman and her own net worth is Rs 1,130 crore. At the same time, Ram Charan’s net worth is Rs 1,370 crore.

Upasana’s maternal grandfather is business tycoon Pratap C. Reddy. He is the chairman of Apollo Hospitals. The net worth of Pratap Reddy is Rs 21,000 crore and he is among India’s 100 billionaires.

The market cap of Apollo Hospitals is Rs 70,000 crore. Upasana Kamineni is the Vice President of Apollo Hospitals and her mother Shobhana is the executive vice-chairperson of Apollo Hospitals.