Underage Motorist from Pune’s Car Accident Found: Juvenile Justice Court Cancels His Bail

In a related case, the juvenile court in Pune Men of Wednesday recanted the bails that had earlier been granted to a 17 year old boy who was involved in a car accident that led to the death of two IT professionals on May 19. The decision was made following extreme aggressive reaction on the social media platforms following the initial order which released the teenager on bail within 14 hours of the incident.

More specifically, the paper focuses on the following research questions: 1. How social media outrage occurs and evolves? 2. What legal documentation can be used to address social media outrage?

The initial conditions of the bailable set for the teenager attracted humongous criticisms among different social media platforms. Some of them lamented over the perceived light sentences pronounced on the accused especially when the incident that led to the charges was so heinous. A social outcry arose, and in retaliation, the Pune Police stated their desire to take the decision of bailing out the accused to the appellate court.

The police later on moved to Juvenile Justice board seeking orders to review the bail order that had been passed. They also sought judicial permission of the teenager to be subjected to adult suspect treatment saying the alleged crime was of an atrocious nature. Stating the rights of the accused, the Board’s decision to cancel the bail should be associated with the degree of dangerous tendency of the charges and the necessity of investigation.

Remand to Observation Home

Since the accused is a minor he cannot be arrested in the regular way and as such the court has placed him under detention in the Observation home till June 5. This is in order to keep the teenager under supervision awaiting the legal procedures to be complete. The remand period will enable the authorities to investigate the matter in a holistic manner looking for evidence and culprits.

Arrests and Ongoing Investigation

The police have arrested four other people with the teenager in connection with the incidence. Among the arrested individuals include the boy’s father and some of the managers of the bar that served the teenager alcohol. They signify other aspects of the case such as possible negligence and engaging of the unlawful activities of the adults who provided the minor with alcohol.

Family Background and Further Complications of the Disorder Working with Families Families of individuals with mental disorders their adolescents in paticular are often viewed as a complicated element of treatment plans (McConnell et al . , 2005).
However, working with families can be beneficial as a large number of individuals with mental disorders live with their families and these relationships play the significant role in the patient’s life.

Further twists and turns, to the case, there are some recent incidents making the rounds about the accused’s grandfather namely Surendra Kumar Agarwal. He said in a shootout case where payments to the most dreaded criminal Chhota Rajan has been alleged, that he could be facing trial. The main intensify behind the kidnap and extra-judicial killing of Archana, Pinki and Mona was hatched out by one SK Agarwal who is ranged in a property dispute with his brother RK Agarwal. This so-called friction contributed to association with Chhota Rajan’s gang and an assassination try on his friend Ajay Bhosale, who is a pal of RK Agarwal.

Incident Summery & Call for Public Protest

The tragic accident which happened was a car accident at night, as the teenager and his friends were consuming alcohol at a pub and later left the pub getting involved in an accident, according to the news report it cost Rs. Look at them enjoying themselves for the CBSE board results they got in just 90 minutes totaling approximately 68, 000. In the aftermath of the accident, observations point to the fact that the teenager was given pizza within the jail that was due to him for murder charges. This has only worsened the situation, people have become enraged by the improper treatment of the accused, as he was favored by police because his parents are millionaires.


A new development in the tragic car crash case is observed with of the bail cancellation and the teenager’s remand to an Observation Home. The case has raised pertinent questions, some of which are; who amongst the responsible grown adults should take primary responsibility of denying under aged persons access to alcohol? and are our justice systems capable of providing everyone, irrespective of social or the economic status in society with a fair shot at justice?

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