Arvind Kejriwal News Live Updates: Supreme Court’s Remark on Delhi CM’s Candidature

The Aam Aadmi Party and Kejriwal who serves as the party chief and also as Delhi’s Chief Minister, are names that anybody monitoring Indian politics is familiar with. He has managed to gain national attention with his controversial and questionable ways. Having the upcoming elections fast approaching, Kejriwal is at the center of another political squall as the Supreme Court is about to determine whether his candidature is legal or not in the mooted polls. The top court has described the event in relation to Kejriwal’s candidacy as an ‘extraordinary case’, an act away from the norm, and a lot of flaws are expected to be discovered from this matter that could serve as a good stepping stone for the development of an effective campaign trail ahead of the national elections.


Arvind Kejriwal’s expedition in Indian politics is an unbelievable story which any political geography book will not bear to forget. From his demo all the way in being a civil servant to his turbo launch as Delhi’s Chief Minister, Kejriwal has been a vocal activist for the disgruntled and the need of change in the Indian political scenario. The period in which he served as the chief minister of Delhi (CM) Delhi was the one marked by several bold steps, such as the introduction of the odd-even scheme, to reduce air pollutants and to provide electricity and water connections subsidies to every Delhiites. Nevertheless, his term-of-office isn’t much of a secret, either; it’s predominantly due to discord and disagreements between the center and the local authority especially on matters of authority and jurisdiction.

The Supreme Court’s Remark:

The Twitter went abuzz by a recent statement that was made by the Apex Court with regards to Arvind Kejriwal’s candidature in the upcoming elections, which shattered the political ‘establishment’. The judges held that the journalist was admitted into the final stage of disapproval fighting case, and this case was out-of ordinary. The news out the question regarding the legal and propriety of Kejriwal’s candidature, and thereby the twitterati fire up with different views on it.

Implications and Speculations:

With its key remark, the Supreme Court has invited many of its guess works about what would be the justice and the AAP’s future. While others take Kejriwal’s disqualification as an advantage for the coming polls, there is a debate that now questions his nomination and, consequently, the fading chances of winning re-election. According to different views, some perceive it as a chance used by Kejriwal to reiterate his commitment on honest and transparent governance and hence position himself as champion of Politically clean politics amid mounting criticisms and scrutiny.

Political Fallout and Reactions:

This statement by the Supreme court, presumably, has just started the political turbulence, in which, the opposition parties, are in the grip of holding stakes in devaluating Kejriwal and the AAP. Opposition leaders are crying foul that Kejriwal does not stick to the rule of the game and conducts an unethical course to get the nomination, wanting the matter to be examined completely. While, some Kejriwal’s supporters are behind his back urging others to have trust in his leading skills, and to just drop the attacks as a political revenge.

The Way Forward:

Consequently, the political movie is played under the spotlight of the both Arvind Kejriwal and average citizens might want to find out how Kejriwal is going to deal with this concern. Kejriwal’s reply to the Supreme Court’s Comments and his decision on the following day’s actions will be closely followed, with him seeking candidature to win the upcoming polls and the support of his voters. The upcoming elections will be of the highest importance judging from the complexity of the political landscape that is, even more, volatile. Nevertheless, the journey attracts challenges and provides a platform to face them armed with the ideologies of the party.


The rather careful observation of the SC pertaining to Kejrival’s candidature now propelling the mega election amid uncertainty and curiosity. Now that it’s election time again, the party-working-class is back under the klieg light focused on Kejriwal and the AAP who seem to be getting deeper into the dirty depth of Indian politics as they endeavor to make a mark in the multitude of real-life threats and controversies. As Delhi’s fortunes go, so will go the fate of its administrative control. The stake in the ballot here is trench-high power and influence over the nation’s capital capital-center.

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