Erik ten Hag Takes Blame for Manchester United’s Defeat Against Crystal Palace: Managerial Accountability in Focus

After the disasterous defeat of Manchester United at the hand of Crystal Palace, manager Erik ten Hag has turned onto his length and blames himself for the team’s poor appearance. The 4-0 humiliation is a heavy blow to the team and the club which is obliged to take a deep breath and look deep into themselves to deal with this loss which is probably one of the worst moments of the past few seasons. Now, let’s dig deeper in the convict of manager’s mistake, identify some aspects of it and hopefully create the picture of problems Manchester United will face in the future.

The Match Recap:

The misery of United’s clash against Crystal Palace was not a surprise: this was a terrible embarrassment both for United followers and the club itself. Guess what and Palace kicked off with very vicious attack following from the hosting side’s vulnerabilities and zones of defense within the midfield. That’s where it began. The final result of 4-0 was undoubtedly indicative of Palace’s dominance that evening, completely overwhelm United fans and left them speechless and very disappointed.

Erik ten Hag’s Admission:

The video of an interview after the match appeared, where Erik ten Hag didn’t blush and gave himself full credit for Manchester United’s shameful performance against Crystal Palace. On his side, the Dutch manager acknowledged that he made a mistake when he did not fully prepare the squad for the threats posed by Crystal Palace, and because of this, he shouldered the responsibility for the tactical choice which eventually got Palace a victory on the pitch. – By Ten Hag’s admission to the fault puts him on the right track of showing his commendable traits of transparency and open accountability that are always needed during tough times.

Tactical Analysis:

The organization of “united” has technical problems of playing against “palace’s era of two wingers fast onset and counterattacks. It turned out that the manager- Ten Hag, was wrong about the ‘high defensive line’, as the opposing team team- Palace caught the defenders unaware with their disguised moves and brilliant speed. Moreover, United’s midfield was weak in pressing and in keeping a pace with the game, which instead engendered Palace in taking the lead.

Fan Reaction and Criticism:

United fans have not been shy telling their displeasure with how the club’s staff have been running it by way of beratement, discomfort and dissatisfaction over the choice of manager’s tactics and his selected squad. The noise of the quit the ten Hag has risen sharply throughout social platforms because of the frustration that most fans are facing with their club performance. Indeed, there are people who remain reserved, yet others show their full support for ten Hag, who think that he has used enough time for the realization of his vision and now can make it work.

Looking Ahead:

United nursing their wounds and gathering themselves as the dust settles, the focus turns to Erik ten Hag dictating the requirements to lift the spirits and reinstilling the players’ confidence in their own skills. Set to face arch rivals in one of the most important matches, United must not waste time revisiting its past mistakes and immediately apply the learningsRegardless of the strategy Ten Hag choose, he has to improve the previous flaws they had, rebuild team morale and harmonize team spirit to save the season and to succeed at the highest level.


Manchester United’s crippling humiliation at the hands of Crystal Palace has raised eyebrows and has the club soul-searching after their loss. As usual, the manager Erik ten Hag took the responsibility for the shortcomings of the team. As United bear the pain and loss from this heavy defeat, ten Hag’s ability as a leader will be faced with a strong test as he embarks on the process of direly disentangling the team along the right path. Undoubtedly, we face a tough journey ahead, but the maneuvering of the ship by ten Hag will hopefully make us bigger and stronger and bring back United’s position as a dominant football club in England.

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